Zoltan Bathory Says “It’s Gonna Be a Pantera Cover Band”

(images: Scott Dudelson – Ethan Miller)

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory appeared on Merger from Detroit WRIF radio station. The talented guitarist talked about the next Pantera around the world, which has been on the program for several months.

As you may know, Pantera signed with Artist Group International last month, and they have come together to book the North American dates for their world tour, which they will perform in 2023. For the tour, there will be two different responsible agents, Rock Papalardo and Dennis Arfa.

After the announcement, the band’s line-up left a question mark in the minds of Pantera fans. Although there have been many rumors about it, the group’s line-up will consist of surviving members. Rex Brown and Phil Anselmalso including Zakk wyld and Anthrax drummer Charly Benante.

In a brand new interview with the Merger of the WRIF radio station, Bathory admitted that Pantera had a huge influence on him. Bathory was asked what he thought of the former band members Rex Brown and Phil Anselme play under the name Anthrax Again.

Zoltan said: (via Blabbermouth.net): “Well, here’s the thing: it’s going to be a Pantera cover band, really, if you think about it – even if there are former members [of Pantera involved]. Fans would like to hear that; otherwise it wouldn’t happen.

“Pantera was a huge influence on me. And I would go see that. Obviously, it kind of divides the crowd, because [some] people are, like, ‘Well, it’s sacrilege because the brothers aren’t here anymore.’ And at the same time, well, people want to hear it.

Pantera fans will give the answer

Zoltan Bathory offered a different perspective on the issue. According Bathory, no matter who thinks what. He went on to say that it was all up to the fans and said they would give the answer.

“Look at it this way: it’s a tribute,” he says. “It’s paying homage to that music. It’s paying homage to the band that was very influential to many, many people. If you approach if from that perspective, then, yeah, they’re the good guys. Who else would play the guitar, for example?

” Then I do not know. I don’t have an opinion, really. Bathory added.

“I’m always going, with this stuff, I’m going, okay, do people, do fans want to hear that? And that’s going to be the answer. If Pantera fans say, ‘Hey well, it’s sacrilege, so we’re not going to see it”, well, then there’s your answer. If Pantera fans say, ‘Hey, we absolutely want to see it because we love this band And that’s the only way, that’s the only remnant of the band, that’s the only way to experience this one more time, so that’s your answer.

Back in July Zakk Wylde was the first person to speak about the recent announcement Pantera meeting. recalling his conversation with Vinnie Paul about making a dimebag darrell tribute, dimebashhe said he was once excited when he learned he would be honoring dime bag.

“When Vinnie was still alive, when the guys were all talking about doing it, I was always telling them, I was like, ‘Of course I would… If you asked me, why wouldn’t I? I will honor Dime,” Zakk said.

“It could be like Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell asking Eric Clapton if he would come out and honor Jimi [Hendrix] and Eric playing the Jimi stuff and singing the Jimi songs and they come out as the “Jimi Hendrix celebration”.

“And he’s going to honor his homie and he’s going to play his songs. I mean, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s like when we do the ‘Dimebash’, it’s a celebration of the greatness of Dime.

The guitarist then went on to reveal his excitement about being part of the Pantera reunion. Mention the time Led Zeppelin bring John Bonhamthe son Jason Bonham at a tribute show, Zakk revealed receiving an invite for the Pantera reunion was honored.

“It’s a Pantera celebration – it is what it is,” Zakk continued. “You celebrate the greatness of Vinnie and Dime and you celebrate all the mountains that Pantera has conquered and crushed.”

“Obviously it’s not Pantera. Pantera is those four guys – it’s Phil, Rex, Dime and Vinnie. But it’s like when Zeppelin came out with Jason Bonham, it was phenomenal. He said to Jason, I was just, like, ‘Man, you crushed it, man.’ It’s good to hear them playing that music again.

“I am more than honored to be a part of it.”


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