Watch Halestorm Play Heavy Cover Of Adele’s Huge Hit “Hello”


Halestorm have always been a hard rock band, but they’ve covered just about every genre of music. Now they’ve taken on Adele’s massive 2015 hit, “Hello,” and added their rock ‘n’ roll flavor to it.

The rock quartet have just released their fifth studio album Back from the dead early May, and have toured for much of the summer so far in support of it. After wrapping up their run with The Pretty Reckless, Lilith Czar and The Warning last week, Halestorm seemingly can’t stop working and hopped into a studio to record a weighty take on Adele’s ballad after a fan complained. asked to see how they would add a “metal spin” to it.

Adele isn’t just known for her emotional breakup songs, but also for her powerful vocals – not that that seems like a challenge to Lzzy Hale, whose own pipe set has been a staple of Halestorm’s sound since they appeared in the 2000s.

Check out the video clip below.

Hale used to sing and play another Adele piano track while on tour, 2011’s “Someone Like You.” She alternated between covering that and Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You” as an introduction to Halestorm’s own ballad, “Dear Daughter”.

“It’s fun to throw these things out there, because I think it doesn’t matter what background you’re from, or even whether it’s at a rock show, we can all agree that Adele is awesome, and So does Whitney Houston,” Hale told in 2018. “And I love watching, like, the poster boy of metal and masculinity watching me front row and watching them sing every word.”

Halestorm has a handful of festival shows scheduled throughout the fall in addition to a headliner with New Year’s Day and the Warning. Get tickets here.

Listen to Halestorm’s heavy cover of Adele’s huge hit “Hello”

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