Unique Wonders of the 1970s | Music


The 1970s were a huge decade for music. From the emergence of a more stratified rock scene to the birth of hip-hop to the development of disco, folk and funk, the years have transformed the industry like few other decades have.

Artists like Queen, the Jackson 5, AC/DC, Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Blondie and Pink Floyd have topped the charts, providing some of the best-selling songs and albums of all time. Their work, along with the efforts of so many others, has led some critics to declare the decade “The Golden Age of Popular Music.”

While all of the artists who worked in the 70s helped shape the music as it is known today, not all of them are remembered by today’s audiences. Some have faded from the cultural zeitgeist into relative obscurity, though their songs continue to be played at weddings and in bars around the world. In honor of these musicians, Stacker dug into the rich history of one-hit wonders – artists who had just one song reaching No. 1 on the charts – of the 1970s and, in no particular order, picked 25 you might know.

From folk bands like Mouth & MacNeal to rock bands like Nazareth and hip-hop legends like the Sugarhill Gang to soul artists like Billy Paul, these recording artists all had an enduring popular song, but died out before they could reproduce. this success. Read on to see how many of them you recognize.

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