Top 5 Breitling Watches Men Should Wear in 2022


Last updated September 12, 2022

Breitling is one of the most popular watch brands in the world and has been producing quality timepieces since 1884. As a brand, it is well known for its technical and highly accurate chronographs which are particularly popular with pilots and aviators. In fact, Breitling also produces dashboard instruments for major airlines, where precision can be a matter of life and death. Additionally, the brand has a long-standing partnership with the Royal Airforce and has even been used for astronauts in space.

(Photo by Hans Gaber on Unsplash)

For bold, confident and adventurous men, Breitling offers high quality and precision combined with style. The brand is very popular today and includes a wide range of models suitable for all occasions which you can find on Chrono24. If you are looking for luxury Breitling watches for men, there are many options to choose from. Here are the top five.

Top Time Shelby Cobra

The Breitling Top Time Shelby Cobra is designed as a tribute to American racing driver and car designer Carroll Shelby of the 1960s. Shelby designed the hugely popular AC Cobra, which had a Ford V8 engine and combined classic design and speed. This watch is sure to turn heads with its classic leather strap and unique dial.

Endurance Pro

The Endurance Pro is created for athletes and those who love competition. With a sporty look and a strong color palette, it certainly stands out on the wrist. One of the main features of this watch is that the case is made from Breitlight, a specially designed alloy that is six times lighter than steel while being incredibly durable.

First Heritage Duo

The Premier Heritage line includes three different chronographs, each with a unique color scheme. The Duograph features a classic stainless steel case and a blue dial, which makes it quite modest. However, it allows the user to measure two elapsed times simultaneously.

Superoceanic Legacy

The Superocean Heritage line pays homage to a classic Breitling watch from 1957. The original Superocean was developed for professional divers, but its styling meant it was also worn by casual enthusiasts. This 2020 redesign incorporates all the elements that made the original so successful, including the undeniable charm of the 60s.

Premier B01 Norton Chronograph

This COSC-certified chronometer was produced in conjunction with Norton Motorcycles, the same brand that helped supply British troops during World War II. The watch has a striking black dial with gold markings and includes a tachymeter to measure speed over distance traveled.

How to Maintain a Breitling Watch

The main advantages of owning a Breitling watch are that it is reliable and accurate and will last for many years. However, you will still need to take care of it properly to keep it looking great over the years. Here are some tips to keep your Breitling watch in pristine condition and ensure it continues to work for many years to come.

Skin irritation and steel oxidation can occur over time as cosmetics, sweat or dust accumulate. The metal bracelet should be cleaned regularly with a toothbrush and liquid soap, rinsed under a light stream of fresh water and dried with an absorbent cloth. You should also take care to rinse the watch if it has been submerged in salt water before drying it completely to prevent oxidation.

If your watch has leather straps, be careful not to submerge it in water and make sure the straps are dried quickly with an absorbent cloth if they get wet. Leather needs to be cared for properly to prevent damage and ensure it stays in top condition. You can find Breitling maintenance kits to maintain your watch’s leather straps and keep them in good condition.


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