This cover of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck played on a traditional Chinese instrument will ease your mind


Angus Young’s tricky intro and main riff from AC/DC’s 1990 single Stunned is like catnip for anyone who likes to save a cover version.

Indeed, the song – taken from The razor blade album – has received many accolades in recent years. It was played on a Stylophone, reimagined as a bold, baby-gurgled, bagpipe-playing synthwave track. Heck, even a washing machine stepped in.

While all of these covers were remarkable in their own way, we were particularly taken with Luna Lee’s take on the traditional Korean instrument, the gayageum.

Now, if you liked it, you’ll love Moyun’s performance on the Guzheng, a traditional Chinese zither. The Hong Kong musician, who has never shown his face in any of his YouTube video performances, gives the AC/DC single a soothing rendition.

Watch the clip below:

Separately, Guns N’ Roses tip their hats to the band by including two songs during their set during their recent European tour, which wrapped up on July 15 at the Heinz von Heiden Arena, Hannover, Germany.

The band – whose frontman Axl Rose is no stranger to AC/DC songs – performed versions of Walk on the feet (from the 1979 album Highway to Hell) and the title track from their 1980 Release Back in black during their 15-date journey.

If any of these homages have whetted your appetite for deconstruction, be sure to check out these bizarre AC/DC covers.


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