Pentagram (aka Mezarkabul) say “Damn the War” in their new music video


Today is the day Turkish metal band Pentagram (aka Mezarkabul) released their latest album Makina Electrica through Sony Music. To celebrate the band’s unique blend of heavy metal and Anatolian music, the band released a music video for “Damn The War” earlier today.

Having its roots in 1987, Pentagram has undergone several range changes over the years. However, the original lineup reunited in 2017 for what was supposed to be a limited run, but they all decided to stick with it again as 9 pieces with four (you read that right – four) lead singers. .

Guitarist Demir Demirkan said the fact that the band came together after all these years was very special.

It’s a very unique experience, really. Think about it, a 30-year-old heavy metal band reuniting all of its members on a “best of” acoustic album in 2017. On top of that, touring with nine people on stage for five years and collaborating on a new album with all nine members. Honestly, I think Makina Elektrika is the most collaborative work I’ve done in my life, considering nine members create together! I’d also like to note that most of the members have had very successful solo careers in acting, producing, filmmaking, and in celebrity circles over the past few years. Now, when we’re on the bus or backstage, in the studio or on stage, we all let go of our last names and find an environment to freely express our individualities, just as we did decades ago when we were in their twenties. I believe it’s the magic of this brotherhood that makes Pentagram what it is, and this new album is flooded with emotion, talent, experience, mastery and love.

Makina Electrica was released today via Sony Music. You can check it out on any streaming service.

Pentacle Makina Electrica List of tracks:

  1. Bou Duzen Yikilsin/lower system (voc. Ogün, Murat, Gokalp)
  2. On/Sandcastle (voc. Ogün, Murat, Gokalp)
  3. Pride (voc. Ogün, Murat, Gokalp)
  4. Returning (voc. Gokalp)
  5. Sensiz/Without you (voc. Hakan)
  6. Maymunlar Gezegeni/Planet of the Apes (voc. Ogun)
  7. Damn the war (voc. Ogün, Murat, Gokalp) feat. Cahit Berkay
  8. Dunya/Earth (instrumental)
  9. Odenmez/Inestimable (voc. Murat) feat. Erkan Ogur
  10. Seek and Destroy (voc. Ogün, Murat, Gokalp)

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