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Ozzy Osbourne would have liked to make “more varied” music.

The ‘Paranoid’ rocker is proud of the way Black Sabbath has made heavy metal ‘great’, but he admitted he would have liked to explore outside the genre and produce less ‘aggressive’ songs.

When asked if he would have liked to move away from heavy metal, he told The Sun newspaper: “You know what, I would have liked to be a bit more varied.

“Black Sabbath’s music is very aggressive even though some of it is foot tapping.

“But we fought the f****** world to make it big. But beware, it’s a good thing we didn’t get our royalties when we were 23 because I would have fucked off on another planet.

The 73-year-old rocker admitted there were some collaborations he wished he could have secured.

He said: “‘John Lennon if he were alive. [I’m a] fucking giant Beatles fan.

“And I should have Jimi Hendrix, right?”

He then reflected on how he would have liked to do more with Randy Rhoads, who played on Ozzy’s first two solo albums, ‘Blizzard of Oz’ and ‘Diary of a Madman’ before dying in an accident. light aircraft in 1982 at the age of just 25.

Ozzy said: “Randy was so good, so smart. He’s up there, man.

The ‘Changes’ singer’s upcoming new album ‘Patient Number 9′ features a long list of guest artists including his former Black Sabbath bandmate Tony Iommi, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Zakk Wylde, Pearl’s Mike McCready Jam, Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers, the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, Robert Trujillo of Metallica, Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses and Chris Chaney of Jane’s Addiction.

And Ozzy admitted he was “blown away” by all the musicians.

He said, “I’ve never been someone who has guests on albums.

“You can’t replicate what they do when you play live, but I’m blown away by these people on my record.”

The veteran rocker doesn’t think there would have been so many collaborations without the COVID-19 pandemic.

He explained, “So they weren’t going on a tour bus, and for about three months they weren’t even going out at all.

“As usual, America went overboard when the pandemic started. People were buying a thousand goddamn rolls!”


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