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Khlysty is a musical trio born from former members of Heavens Die. When it comes to their approach to songwriting, the Richmond, Virginia-based band creates a sonic space where Wolverine Blues-era Entombed and 90s Florida death metal dominate the air.

Above all else, Khlysty’s sound emphasizes the arsenal of riffs laid out by guitarist Nathan Billmyer and bassist/vocalist Danny Prock. Drummer Alic Sloat holds the maelstrom with expert ease.

Debuting in 2020 with their single “How You Want”, Khlysty then released a demo the following year and now returns with a 2-song summer promo. This material is their sickest yet, doing justice to their influences and forging their own voice along the way.

Sink your fangs into this feast of riffs that I present to you:

“We have influences in mind when writing, but a lot of the instruments are worked out in practice between the three of us,” bassist/vocalist Danny Prock wrote to No Echo of the new material.

“Some of the riffs are written on the spot and shaped with more repetition. I like the idea of ​​letting the sound speak as much as possible. All the art and lyrics are stylized as a tribute to the horror movies of the 80s and devilish music. Everything that inspired the satanic panic inspires look and tone.

Promotion summer 2020 will be available on cassette via Raven’s Archive Archive.

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