I prevail at Fortitude Music Hall (Brisbane)


Last Thursday (June 30), I Prevail played to sold-out crowds at Fortitude Music Hall in Brisbane.

Taking their band’s name from a song by Eighteen Visions, Motionless In White from Pennsylvania also traveled as part of this tour’s lineup. Prime! But wait, there’s more.

I’m thrilled that Windwaker, our interstate cousins ​​in Melbourne, are the first act to fill our ears with music tonight, all in the form of metalcore magic.

Will King (vocals), Jesse Crofts (guitar), Indey Salvestro (bass) and Chris Lalic (drums) ask us what it’s like to be “Beautiful”. The horde of fans in the crowd give this banger a raucous reception and that’s not unexpected as I walk past many punters taking over the Windwaker band tees.

Windwaker – image © Clea-marie Thorne

After giving us a brutal hit of ‘Dopamine Freestyle’, Windwaker decides to get ‘Toxic’. Yeah, I mean they take their breaks covering Britney Spears. I don’t know if I should shake my head or my booty. Clearly a fun cover for punters as they sing loud and most awfully bad while rocking their pop-rock boogey.

Before asking us to “give up for I Prevail” and prompting our backing for their final song “Lucy”, Windwaker asks us if we still have energy because they’re going to turn it up! We shout out our range of affirmative responses as they dial in another of their latest ‘Superstitious Fantasy’ bangers, which has the mosh in a frenzy.

King flaunts his multi-faceted pipes with metallic rapping, aggressive raw vocals and piercing yet buttery falsetto choruses. Salvestro’s bass work is hectic and sounds thicker than on the recording – I’m caught up in a punchy bass rapture!


Windwaker – image © Clea-marie Thorne

Fully animated and high-spirited punters amplify the energy they receive from Windwaker and this can be felt all over the venue and by punters who don’t care to move through the pit.

Well, do we need that downtime before the onslaught of Motionless In White. Windwaker if you don’t just pick up more than a couple hundred new fans from tonight I’ll do a shoey [blurgh]!

As the team handles the scene change under brighter lights, we can easily see the Motionless In White logo on the bottom now. It’s been creatively designed to look like it’s written in blood. Sure! What else would be enough for a goth-horror metalcore band?

The silhouettes of Chris ‘Motionless’ Cerulli (vocals), Ryan Sitkowski (guitar), Ricky ‘Horror’ Olson (rhythm guitar), Justin Morrow (bass) and Vinny Mauro (drums) take their place on the stage, which has become extremely dark and brooding again.

Motionless in white

Immobile in white – image © Clea-marie Thorne

The ton of fans in the crowd are shouting welcome. I can tell things are about to get as electrifying as an electric chair. IT IS totally electrifying as Chris Motionless in his long goth coat, wearing theatrical eye makeup, shouts “Get up! Get up!” to open their set with ‘Disguise’.

Feet lift off the ground and the atmosphere inside the venue is alive again with the energy of live music! Morrow has all his horror, including elaborate esoteric stage makeup resembling symbols etched into his face with a scalpel – he looks pretty darn brilliant.

Metalcore mayhem continues to hit us with “Necessary Evil,” its industrial vibes reverberating through our solar plexus before we’re hammered with the rest of a killer set that includes older songs “Voices” and “Reincarnate. ‘ before we’re asked if we like the new album and the cheers are back.

The group then plays ‘Cyberhex’ from said new album. “Scoring The End Of The World” and “Another Life” were also crushed on a stage that was often projected into darkness punctuated haphazardly with bright lights.

Motionless in white.2

Immobile in white – image © Clea-marie Thorne

The familiar sounds of a Killers song, “Somebody Told Me,” inspired another song, and the mood in the room is warm and fuzzy.

Under purple lighting, the final song starts and it’s ‘Eternally Yours’ which gives a false lull to the intro until Motionless is heard in the microphone and oh that bass drum! As the song returns to its melodic chorus, fans again sing along and the warm, fuzzy vibe continues.

The crowd response to Motionless In White is immense tonight – they can rest assured that we are forever their fans who loved having roses thrown into the crowd.

A red I Prevail backdrop has taken up residence on the far wall and is somewhat obscured by the fog that rolls over the stage. Roars and cheers, whistles and wolf cries greeted I Prevail on stage.

“Bow Down” was the first song to send us into a maddening frenzy with Eric Vanlerberghe (impure vocals, vocals) telling us to “kneel and bow” on the first of the “Trauma” tracks that they will play tonight.

‘Gasoline’ and ‘Scars’ then played and Brian Burkheiser (clear voice) told us he wasn’t going to let a throat stop him from playing tonight’s show, but he needed our help singing the next song ‘Dead On Arrival’ and sing and shout we did it!

I prevail.2

I prevail – image © Clea-marie Thorne

Vanlerberghe annoys the crowd by telling us about the scale of their shows in Sydney and Melbourne. We laugh at him in our disgust as he explains tonight that we made the third greatest show they’ve ever played.

Proudly we clap only to be slapped with the retort that we’re not as loud as Melbourne – which was quickly loudly shouted back “f…you, Melbourne”. It was returned to us with a smile and we hear the intro of “Hurricane”.

“Rise Above It” has the mosh pit alternating hard and hectic moshing with nodding and pumping arms in the rapping and melodious parts. Bringing the frenzy back to the pit however is the new “Body Bag”.

It’s a brutal live song, the guitars howl, the bass drum is surely bolted down to keep it from jumping off the stage and Vanlerberghe kills it with his powerful pipes. The pogo is happening on the outlying crowd and a good mosh is relentless in the pits.

I win.3

I prevail – image © Clea-marie Thorne

Burkheiser’s pipes shine, even with a sore throat, for ‘Low’ while Vanlerberghe competes with the crowd even with his microphone as we collectively shout in his guttural voice “when you hit rock bottom!”.

The crowd also helps sing along to “Paranoid” and when the beats kick their arms, they pump to the beat of the chant of “hey, hey, hey…”. The song is cut short and Vanlerberghe says, “Now Brisbane. It’s been quite a while since we’ve been here. So let me take a second to introduce you to my good friend. . .” and in a booming voice shouts “Gabe Helguera!”

His name was the only cue needed for Helguera to unleash and begin smashing a fierce solo. After a minute of butchering the hides, he stands to cheers with his arms raised high.

I win.4

I prevail – image © Clea-marie Thorne

Burkheiser asks us how many are here for their first concert since the COVID pandemic – there really are a lot of hands. Wow. I was surprised to see so many people who hadn’t ventured into live music yet.

Burkheiser is now sharing the personal experience of losing her grandparents during the COVID pandemic and how her family couldn’t even arrange a funeral for them, let alone their final goodbyes. It was fitting for him to share this before “Breaking Down” and we show him a lot of love from downstairs.

Vanlerberghe shows no fear of foot-and-mouth disease as he obliges punters by smashing a shoey [blurgh, again!] on the scene. The band now blasts new holes in our eardrums with ‘Deadweight’ and the pit swirls like a school of piranhas feeding on their prey as punters on the periphery of frenzy jump and wave their arms in time to the music.

I win.5

I prevail – image © Clea-marie Thorne

While it was hectic and all, we didn’t finish and we’re calling it. We call it loud. We want our “one more song”. What! Vanlerberghe just let out a “ooooh uh uh uh uh!” A cover of ‘The Sickness’ (Disturbed)? No. He laughs at us. “Come And Get It” is the “one more song” we’ve been screaming for, and screaming for more at the band’s behest.

With a show that had talent of a very high caliber – from Windwaker and Motionless In White to the mighty headliners, I Prevail – there aren’t many bodies on the floor tonight that haven’t been punched, stomping, head banging or body slamming at one time or another.

I’m destroyed in a way that makes me say thank you from the bottom of my heavy metal soul. That’s all.

More photos from the show.


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