DAATH Streams Cover Of OINGO BOINGO’s “Nasty Habits”


As Da’ath gearing up to release their first new record since their 2010 self-titled, they’ve created a new YouTube channel to release some old rarities. Da’ath is now streaming his cover of Oingo Boingo“Nasty Habits”, which was originally a Japanese bonus track on their 2009 album Correctors.

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“As promised, here’s another rare track! We’ve always been big fans of Danny Elfman, the legendary film composer. Not everyone knows that long before film scores there was a band called Oingo Boingo. They were like in the 1980s Mr Bungle. When we recorded Correctors in 2008 we included this cover of their song “Nasty Habits”. Sadly, it never made it onto the album, but it has always held a special place in our hearts. Now you can either enjoy it, or think we’re really weird, or both. You can hear it on our YouTube channel.”

Da’ath also recently announced that they are working with drummer Kerim “Krimh” Lechner (septic flesh, act of denialex-Decapitated) for their upcoming new album. Check out that full story here.

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