Attack attack! at SideTracks Music Hall, Huntsville, AL on July 26, 2022 with special guests Kingdom Collapse & Astoria State!


Live concert review and photos: DJ

Tuesday nights are always tough for live gigs, we know most people are just stuck in the daily grind of a typical work week. But sometimes we have to go out and pump some cover for up-and-coming bands who live the hectic and often not very glamorous life of driving from town to town in a van or a bus and hitting all kinds of small venues in hope to try to “do it”. Here we have Attack Attack headliners! the Ohio-based Metalcore band that once called it quits a few years later to be reborn again with some of the old members. I was also excited to check out Texas Rockers Kingdom Collapse as they have a cool single that is making waves and breaking the rock scene right now.

We’re heading into the night and arrived quickly to find the Astoria State opener featuring Danny Resnick (vocals, guitar) / Jesse Carroll (guitar) / Cameron Horst (bass guitar) / Jon Longley (drums), a group that I was unfamiliar with. With an interesting sound, mixed with some alternative and harder rock, they kicked off their set with a lot of energy from their frontman Danny Resnick as he jumped into the floor and ran back to the bar while singing. On light crowd nights assume you can afford to mingle with the crowd in ways you normally wouldn’t. I believe a few tracks that stood out for me were “Damage”, “Leave It To Me” as the intimate performance puts the band in a better light for fans unfamiliar with their music. While it’s not as heavy as Kingdom Collapse or as aggressive as Attack Attack!, I appreciate guys chasing their dreams and hitting the road cause we all know it’s tough for any touring band nowadays to do so, not to mention the one that is just beginning. Thanks also to guitarist Jesse whom I met on leaving the room and who gave me a copy of their EP. Thanks man for anyone interested I suggest you click here to read more guys:

Then we have Texas-based Kingdom Collapse, which made waves with its single “Break Free,” which follows THREE consecutive rock hits that each became SiriusXM Octane’s most played songs. (i.e. Uprise, Unbreakable, Save Me From Myself), two of which were also on the Billboard and Mediabase Top 40 charts for Mainstream Rock. They also have the ultimate touring road warrior label as they have toured with bands such as From Ashes To New, Fire From The Gods, Adelitas Way, Nonpoint and Hinder.

The guys waste no time as their charismatic frontman Jonathan Norris storms out with “Break Free” and another banger in “Unbreakable”, the guys sound tight as hell, and guitarist David Work has a riff lively guitar. The drums and bass are solid and uplifting, these guys certainly seem to be going somewhere as you can see with the enigmatic energy they have tons to prove and love every minute of it. More hits keep coming with “Save Me From Myself”, as frontman Norris gets in the fans’ faces as he delivers a smoldering performance. The guys are as advertised and we think they could continue to innovate in the mainstream rock category. Hopefully with more exposure the band can get a proper record deal. Check them out recommended!!!

Finally, the metalcore veterans from Ohio took to the stage with some eerie trees planted around the stage… we can already tell it’s going to be a crazy performance. I’ll be honest because he’s not the guys’ biggest fan, only familiar with some of their stuff, didn’t know what to expect with their set. But they came out and with tons of energy they put on a pretty sick show. Frontman Chris Parketny put on a good show. These guys are heavy, tough and fast. Metalcore isn’t for everyone, but honestly he felt he engaged small audiences like he was playing in front of a bigger audience. One of the tracks that stood out was “Smokahontas” and “All My Life”, as both were played with high impact, causing a mini mosh among the crowd that was there that night. Another twin guitar annihilation came with “Stick Stickly” as the growls turn into a punk groove, this has always been one of the band’s most recognizable early songs. The same hard-hitting energy ends what turned out to be a pretty cool Tuesday night. We finish and leave in the night. Another gig in the books. Be sure to check out all the bands on tour and keep supporting the rock and metal folks!!!

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