Top Four Other Best Legendary Death Metal Bands To Rock Your Life

Top Four Other Best Legendary Death Metal Bands To Rock Your LifeAs you know that death metal music has emerged since the middle of the 1980s for the very first time. And, there have been many death metal bands that have emerged and been more popular until today. Here, we would like to list four legendary death metal bands so far. So, stayed tuned!

No metalhead do not know Cannibal Corpse. However, the Cannibal Corpse is not the pioneer of the death metal bands since the early emergence, this band is one of the legendary death metal band which will rock your mood. The players are George Fischer, Chris Barnes, Ales Webster, Paul Mazurkiewicz and Jack Owens. This band emerges since 1988 and today you can still watch them onĀ the metal music festival. Their best albums are Tomb of the Mutilated (1992) and The Wretched Spawn (2004). You already know Chuck Schuldiner who is the founding father of death metal genre. In fact, he was the frontman of death metal band from Floride, the United States, called Death. Death band is one of the death metal innovators in 1981. This band is the most dope band which can perform the original taste of death metal in the era.

Morbid Angel and Deicide are the metal death bands which started in the early of 1980. They mostly describe religion (the satanic oldies). however, their career output can be noticed from 1989 to 1999. Morbid Angle consisted of Trey Azagthoth, David Vincent, as well as Pete Sandoval. Besides, Deicide’s players were Brian and Eric Hoffman, Steve Asheim, and Glen Benton. The best album of Morbid Angel is Altars of Madness (1989) and Legion (1992) by Deicide. Those Morbid Angel and Deicide are two of many death metals legendary bands in the era. Which one is your favorite death metal band? Tell us!


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