Three Death Metal Festivals You Should Attend Before You Die

Enjoying death metal music through your iPod gives you a simple of happiness, right? But have you ever dreamed how the band looks like when doing a live show? Have you ever attended one of many metal music festival in your country or across the country? And, if you have it as one of your bucket’s list. Here we would like to give some recommendation of best three death metal music festivals that you should not miss.

Do you know Hellfest? Actually, Hellfest is one of the most anticipated and badass extreme metal music festivals in Europe. As big fans of death metal bands, this festival can be your best place to gather with another metalhead not only with European but also people around the world. Because this concert draws metalheads from all over the world. Many popular extreme metal bands perform on the stage to play. If you want to see your favorite death metal band performing on the stage together with member, Roadburn metal festival should be on your list! In fact, there are various legendary metal bands have performed in one of the most extraordinary metal music festivals in the world. Besides, the Roadburn festival has been contribution crucial exposure to some awesome metal bands today.

The Pycho CA may be your death metal music festival that you ever wish to attend. Giving various legendary and newcomers metal bands the chance to perform on the stage is the main reason why you should come to this festival before you die! This festival is divided into three separate stages including the outdoor stage. It makes the Psycho CA metal music festival is the most amazing and intimate metal festival for all metalheads. So, those are three top metal festivals you should come once in your lifetime!

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