Things You Need to Know about Death Metal Music

You may be the fans of this genre of music, but how far do you know about the history of this music genre, death metal music. It may sound ridiculous when you admit that you are the big fans of death metal music but you do not know well about this music. Basically, this music genre is a sub-genre of heavy metal music. As you know that death metal is an extreme music genre which employs heavily twisted and low-tuned guitars. There are many techniques which are used to perform this music including tremolo picking, palm muting, aggressive and deep growing vocals, powerful drumming with double kick, minor keys, sharp tempo, key, time changes, chromatic chord progressions, etc.

Besides, for the lyric themes are related to some phenomena like assailant film-stylized violence, regions which is sometimes related to Satanism, nature, mysticism, mythology, politics. Their songs also sometimes describe extreme acts like necrophilia, rape, cannibalism, torture, mutilation, etc. In fact, there are many version which talks about the first band which brings this death metal genre. In addition, the death metal music is heterogeneous which has several subgenres including Melodic death metal, Technical death metal, Death-doom, Deathgrind, Goregrind, Deathcore, and Blackened. Those subgenres have different characteristics. For example, the Deathcore is a death metal genre which combines death metal with metalcore attributes. Besides, Death n Roll is a death metal music which is the combination of death metal’s growl vocal with heavy distortion, pitch guitar riffs.

There are many versions of the emergence of this death metal music. But, during the middle of 1980. There are several death metal bands from English, the United Kingdom as the pioneers of the death metal bands including Venom, Celtic Forst, Slayers, and Kreator. Those innovator death metal bands were the most important influences on the genre. After years to comes, Possessed, Obituary, and Death were those bands which came along. Besides, Morbid Angel and Autopsy are also known as the death metal band pioneers. In the 1980 – 1990, this subgenre of heavy metal was successfully gained attention from the media as various popular genre record labels including Roadrunner, Earache, and Combat. Nowadays, this death metal music becomes more popular and there are many big loyal fans of this music genre. And, those are things you basically should understand, if you with are labeling yourself as one of the big fans of the death metal music genre.

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