The Easiest Way to Spot Death Metal Music

What comes to your mind when someone talks about death metal, the music genre? Is it all those bands whose names are even more terrifying than the music itself? Is it the appearance of those bands’ personnel? Or is it that uneasy feeling left in your heart after listening to what those bands are singing about?

Well, think what you like but death metal is here for anyone including who enjoys that kind of music. While the genre is known for the type of singing closely associated with it since the beginning called the death growls, death metal is easily recognizable through other than that.

The melody is distinct. Riffs and chord progressions are different even from regular rock music—the genre’s parent style. Stage performance is oftentimes accompanied with all things terrifying to cement the image you regularly see upon watching a death metal band doing its routine.

But death metal music is made distinct also by its lyrical content. This is easy to miss with all the growling and screaming obscuring the words the vocalist mutters. But if you look closely and dissect the songs up close, you will see why death metal is different in the first place.

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While love or loss of love is the most common theme observed in other genres, death metal deals with things that are remained untouched: violence and every little thing attached to it. The explicit content is at times made so blatant that it may leave a bad taste in your mouth if you are not someone into the genre. This is perhaps also the reason why death metal music sees a steep decline in popularity as opposed to what it enjoys early on its inception. While the genre stays mainstream most of the time, its overall presence is clearly being overridden by the constant flow of pop music.

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