Surprising Facts about Death Metal Music Should Every Fan Know

You probably do not know that there are several shocking info or facts about one of the heavy metal’s extreme subgenre. When you are asked as the big fans of this music genre. You absolutely know what death metal music looks likes. There are many characteristics of death metal music. Powerful double -kick drumming, deep growling vocals, low-tuned guitar techniques like palm muting and tremolo picking with heavy distortion are the main characteristics of this extreme subgenre of heavy metal. Do you notice that there are several things that do not often know about it? Here, there are shocking facts about your extreme music taste that you may need to know from Nontonfilm88!

As you know that sometimes death metal bands or songs describe some extreme issues like mutilation, cannibalism, torture, occultism, etc. So the death metal music is dark and sometimes related to glorifying evil. Most of you may not know about it. However, this music genre sounds a dark music which not only glorify evil. In fact, the songs are considered to ignore things that speak of mythology, politics, religion, nature etc. One interesting fact you should know that the origin of the death metal music is the combination of three different genres including first wave black metal, thrash metal, and hardcore punk as the cultural origins in Florida, the United States. You may have been wondering the first band which popularized death metal music. Venom is the first emergence death metal band. This was English band which emerged in Newcastle. Their most popular album is Welcome to Hell which contains dark nature and the lyrics are full of Satanic imagery.

For your information, there are three most popular and greatest music labels in death metal industry. They are Road Runner, Combat, an Earache. Those labels were accountable for the fast signing of death metal bands in 80’s and 90’s. Todays, most of the bands becomes extremely big. In fact, death metal also has various different subgenres which have different its characteristics. Those prominent subgenres are goregrind, melodic death metal, deathcore, blackened, technical death metal or progressive death metal. In addition, Venom is the first death metal band which emerged in Newcastle, the United Kingdom. But, do you know the founder of death metal music? Chuck Schuldiner who is Death’s frontman is known as the founding father of this extreme music genre. He has created a sound as the identity or basis of death metal music today.

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