Death Metal Music

The thing about death metal is that it speaks only to some people whose spirit matches the soul of the music itself. This makes the genre a much segmented form of art that not everybody finds entertaining. Some may think of death metal as a collection of noises not easy to interpret. Some others who are indeed into the genre think that death metal is the truest, most honest form of art in its rawest state. But, to each their own; people may not love it but you sure are a devotee. If you were not, you would not have come to this page in the first place, right?

So, join us in an adventure into the world of death metal, where lyrics about violence are prevalent and gore is all over the place. Maybe this is why death metal is not as widely received as its contemporaries such as pop music or R ‘n’ B. Plus, that use of death growl; one needs to look into the lyric sheets to find out what the vocalist is saying. But, again, everyone has their own preferences. And if death metal is yours, provides you with:
1. A history lesson on death metal. If you wish to know what forms the basis for death metal, we provide you with articles on that matter.
2. Profiles of death metal bands. Who laid the foundation? Who continued on to become the force behind death metal’s raise to mainstream recognition? Who become the most prolific bands of death metal of all time? And who are currently trying to make a name off the genre today? These are the sort of questions you can find the answer to after reading the profiles we provide.
3. Other references. You can rely on us to discover places where you can buy death metal records.

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