Three Death Metal Festivals You Should Attend Before You Die

Death Metal Festivals

Enjoying death metal music through your iPod gives you a simple of happiness, right? But have you ever dreamed how the band looks like when doing a live show? Have you ever attended one of many metal music festival in your country or across the country? And, if you have it as one of your bucket’s list. Here we would like to give some recommendation of best three death metal music festivals that you should not miss.

Do you know Hellfest? Actually, Hellfest is one of the most anticipated and badass extreme metal music festivals in Europe. As big fans of death metal bands, this festival can be your best place to gather with another metalhead not only with European but also people around the world. Because this concert draws metalheads from all over the world. Many popular extreme metal bands perform on the stage to play. If you want to see your favorite death metal band performing on the stage together with member, Roadburn metal festival should be on your list! In fact, there are various legendary metal bands have performed in one of the most extraordinary metal music festivals in the world. Besides, the Roadburn festival has been contribution crucial exposure to some awesome metal bands today.

The Pycho CA may be your death metal music festival that you ever wish to attend. Giving various legendary and newcomers metal bands the chance to perform on the stage is the main reason why you should come to this festival before you die! This festival is divided into three separate stages including the outdoor stage. It makes the Psycho CA metal music festival is the most amazing and intimate metal festival for all metalheads. So, those are three top metal festivals you should come once in your lifetime!

Surprising Facts about Death Metal Music Should Every Fan Know

Death Metal Fan

You probably do not know that there are several shocking info or facts about one of the heavy metal’s extreme subgenre. When you are asked as the big fans of this music genre. You absolutely know what death metal music looks likes. There are many characteristics of death metal music. Powerful double -kick drumming, deep growling vocals, low-tuned guitar techniques like palm muting and tremolo picking with heavy distortion are the main characteristics of this extreme subgenre of heavy metal. Do you notice that there are several things that do not often know about it? Here, there are shocking facts about your extreme music taste that you may need to know from Nontonfilm88!

As you know that sometimes death metal bands or songs describe some extreme issues like mutilation, cannibalism, torture, occultism, etc. So the death metal music is dark and sometimes related to glorifying evil. Most of you may not know about it. However, this music genre sounds a dark music which not only glorify evil. In fact, the songs are considered to ignore things that speak of mythology, politics, religion, nature etc. One interesting fact you should know that the origin of the death metal music is the combination of three different genres including first wave black metal, thrash metal, and hardcore punk as the cultural origins in Florida, the United States. You may have been wondering the first band which popularized death metal music. Venom is the first emergence death metal band. This was English band which emerged in Newcastle. Their most popular album is Welcome to Hell which contains dark nature and the lyrics are full of Satanic imagery.

For your information, there are three most popular and greatest music labels in death metal industry. They are Road Runner, Combat, an Earache. Those labels were accountable for the fast signing of death metal bands in 80’s and 90’s. Todays, most of the bands becomes extremely big. In fact, death metal also has various different subgenres which have different its characteristics. Those prominent subgenres are goregrind, melodic death metal, deathcore, blackened, technical death metal or progressive death metal. In addition, Venom is the first death metal band which emerged in Newcastle, the United Kingdom. But, do you know the founder of death metal music? Chuck Schuldiner who is Death’s frontman is known as the founding father of this extreme music genre. He has created a sound as the identity or basis of death metal music today.

Things You Need to Know about Death Metal Music

about Death Metal

You may be the fans of this genre of music, but how far do you know about the history of this music genre, death metal music. It may sound ridiculous when you admit that you are the big fans of death metal music but you do not know well about this music. Basically, this music genre is a sub-genre of heavy metal music. As you know that death metal is an extreme music genre which employs heavily twisted and low-tuned guitars. There are many techniques which are used to perform this music including tremolo picking, palm muting, aggressive and deep growing vocals, powerful drumming with double kick, minor keys, sharp tempo, key, time changes, chromatic chord progressions, etc.

Besides, for the lyric themes are related to some phenomena like assailant film-stylized violence, regions which is sometimes related to Satanism, nature, mysticism, mythology, politics. Their songs also sometimes describe extreme acts like necrophilia, rape, cannibalism, torture, mutilation, etc. In fact, there are many version which talks about the first band which brings this death metal genre. In addition, the death metal music is heterogeneous which has several subgenres including Melodic death metal, Technical death metal, Death-doom, Deathgrind, Goregrind, Deathcore, and Blackened. Those subgenres have different characteristics. For example, the Deathcore is a death metal genre which combines death metal with metalcore attributes. Besides, Death n Roll is a death metal music which is the combination of death metal’s growl vocal with heavy distortion, pitch guitar riffs.

There are many versions of the emergence of this death metal music. But, during the middle of 1980. There are several death metal bands from English, the United Kingdom as the pioneers of the death metal bands including Venom, Celtic Forst, Slayers, and Kreator. Those innovator death metal bands were the most important influences on the genre. After years to comes, Possessed, Obituary, and Death were those bands which came along. Besides, Morbid Angel and Autopsy are also known as the death metal band pioneers. In the 1980 – 1990, this subgenre of heavy metal was successfully gained attention from the media as various popular genre record labels including Roadrunner, Earache, and Combat. Nowadays, this death metal music becomes more popular and there are many big loyal fans of this music genre. And, those are things you basically should understand, if you with are labeling yourself as one of the big fans of the death metal music genre.

Four Best Death Metal Albums

Best Death Metal

There are many musical genres around the world, such as pop, jazz, blues, metal, rock, and so on. Heavy death metal is a branch of metal genre that is quite popular. Nowadays, the different depths and shades of the genre are represented very well, despite the stigma attached to metal music. The following paragraph will give information about some albums that represent the genre very well. Not only you but also meeded by bettor of citipoker88

The list below mentions about the recommended heavy death metal albums you can try to listen.
Disma Towards the Megalith: it was released in 2011. A truly heavy death metal, with American tastes. The drumming is on another level and its musical pedigree is definitely good for its class.

Dead Congregation Promulgation of the Fall: this album was released in 2014. This band constantly remind us how brutal death metal music can be. It basically annihilates everything. Its fast, brutally evil and heavy nuance give a sense of darkness that you cannot find on other death metal album. Truly an inspiring masterpiece.

Corpsessed Abysmal Thresholds: released in the same year as the previous album, this album is certainly the album. This band comes from Finland, a country where you can find the heaviest bands within the genre. You may feel like sinking on quicksand after listening to this album.

Achepalix Deathless Master: this album was released in 2012. Compared to the other two, this one is slightly tamer. It gives an enjoyable feeling without losing its death metal essence. Recommended for those who want to try listening to the genre for the first time.

The albums mentioned on the previous paragraph are surely not the only great death metal albums. Some are liked by football player. However, these albums are surely recommended for both non-fans and fans of the genre to taste the actual darkness death metal can only show.


Death Metal Music

Death Metal Music

The thing about death metal is that it speaks only to some people whose spirit matches the soul of the music itself. This makes the genre a much segmented form of art that not everybody finds entertaining. Some may think of death metal as a collection of noises not easy to interpret. Some others who are indeed into the genre think that death metal is the truest, most honest form of art in its rawest state. But, to each their own; people may not love it but you sure are a devotee. If you were not, you would not have come to this page in the first place, right?

So, join us in an adventure into the world of death metal, where lyrics about violence are prevalent and gore is all over the place. Maybe this is why death metal is not as widely received as its contemporaries such as pop music or R ‘n’ B. Plus, that use of death growl; one needs to look into the lyric sheets to find out what the vocalist is saying. But, again, everyone has their own preferences. And if death metal is yours, provides you with:
1. A history lesson on death metal. If you wish to know what forms the basis for death metal, we provide you with articles on that matter.
2. Profiles of death metal bands. Who laid the foundation? Who continued on to become the force behind death metal’s raise to mainstream recognition? Who become the most prolific bands of death metal of all time? And who are currently trying to make a name off the genre today? These are the sort of questions you can find the answer to after reading the profiles we provide.
3. Other references. You can rely on us to discover places where you can buy death metal records.

What To Know From Being The Fans of Death Metal Music

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For some reasons and some people, the heavy music must be very much enjoyable. This is true for those who love this music genre. Even though for ordinary people, this music will tend to be harder to listen. It is because the way of the band playing the music in their flows. For several listeners, there is nothing can enjoyed from this music. It is not more than just someone screaming along with the drums and guitars. But, if you and are a really fan of death metal music, this genre must be more precious than others.

When we see deeper on this music, you even can find some great lyrics that send the deep messages inside. So, every opinion about this music genre will be different from each music listener. In this case, why don’t we see the things related to the death metal music as a fan? There is nothing wrong of being a fan of something. But, it is not rare for someone being in pro and contra when he or she is a fan of death metal music. Now, let’s see some explanation below.

If we see from the history, this death metal music had already ever been in the peak of popularity in 1980’s. The bands that became the pioneers in that time were those coming from trash metal such as Slayer and Kreator. And for your information, the fans of this genre still exist in this era even though it is not known much by the people today. Discussing about the music and the songs, you will see where the most lyrics will go. Many of them are telling you about Satan and Gore. Other bands such as Morbid Angels and Obituary were involved to make this music to be well known. The Satanism theme became the main thing to know from this death metal music. But, since the time goes through some era, many bands have already made more interesting theme to be the lyrics of their songs.

The characteristics of the music will be in harsh intonation and voice. The loud drums and other musical instruments will always be the right melody for this genre. And after you see several information about the music above, you might see the controversy here as a fan of this genre. The pro one will be your right as the music listeners. There is no limitation or prohibition for someone enjoying any music they like. Even all music is the part of art. When you are able to enjoy it, means you do great on your taste.

So, actually there is nothing wrong if you or just like the death metal music. Moreover, if this music can release your stress, why don’t you just go with it? As a fan, you will think like this for sure. But, the contra might from the theme of the songs itself. In this case, the controversy still exists among the fans even sometimes the concert takes victim. But, this is also a part of enjoying your favorite music.

Delving a Little Bit into the World of Death Metal Bands

Death metal, according to Wikipedia, got its roots on three major influences: thrash metal, first wave black metal, and hardcore punk. During the middle part of the 1980s, death metal bands bloomed around Florida, United States. In broader sense, death metal is categorized as extreme metal, a subgenre of heavy metal music that also includes black metal, doom metal, and thrash metal. Grindcore and groove metal are derivatives of death metal while sub-subgenres placed directly under this subgenre include melodic death metal, slam death metal, symphonic death metal, and technical death metal.

Death metal can be combined with other genres/subgenres, forming blackened death metal, death doom, deathcore, deathgrind, death ‘n’ roll, goregrind, and pornogrind…

Slayer and Napalm Death are two death metal bands that are thought to be the progenitor of the subgenre. Following their bodies of work were a string of other bands that emerged with their own style, working together to better structure a foundation for what today comes to be known as death metal. Speaking of its characteristics, death metal is easily recognized through its musical instrumentation, vocals, and lyrics.

According to, most death metal bands have standardized setup: a vocalist, a bass player, two guitarists, and a drummer. The drummer in question oftentimes employs a technique known as double-bass blast beats. In addition to this standard setup, a band may add another element every now and again in the form of electronic keyboards. Vast use of techniques such as tremolo-picking and palm-muting on low-tuned guitars that are heavily distorted and fast is the most common identifier of the subgenre. Percussion is oftentimes played powerfully and aggressively. The genre’s other identifiers include: (a) abrupt tempo, time signature changes, and key, (b) chromatic chord progressions, (c) varied structure of song, and (d) melodic harmonies and riffs. But the easiest way to recognize death metal is through its hoarse roars known as death growls.

A death metal vocalist may create these growls through one of these three methods: true death growls, false chord screaming, and vocal fry screaming. In some bands, the screaming might be high-pitched occasionally. The lyrical content related to the subgenre typically revolves around violence, extending to philosophy, sci-fi, politics, mysticism, nature, horror, occultism, religion, and even Satanism. Violence as the center of lyrical content could be found on other genres but in order to associate a song with death metal, its violence-laden lyrical content elaborate more on extreme acts that may include necrophilia, cannibalism, rape, torture, dissection, and mutilation.