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Death Metal Music Blog

Different people love different kind of music. Death metal, in this matter, is a much niched music genre. Those who are into this kind of music love something about it that brings their inner spirit. Lyrics to death metal songs pertain to violence and the likes but this does not stop it from amassing fans over the years after it was first created back in the ‘80s.

Progressive chords, energetic performance, and unique style of vocalization seem to be some of the things that attract attentions. Though no longer enjoys as much hype as it did during the first half of the ‘90s, death metal continues on to grace the world’s music scene up to this day. provides information regarding death metal extensively. We cater to the genre’s fans by offering articles surrounding bands of this genre and the best songs ever crafted under the genre of death metal. You can join us if you are a fan of the genre too. Who knows; maybe you will find someone else sharing similar taste in music as you. It would be nice to get in touch with fellow death metal-lovers all around the world, wouldn’t it?

Our Blog excels in death music because we:
1. Provide thorough articles that look back into the history of the genre

Review bands

2. Review bands of death metal genre, be they the ones that already disbanded, the old bands that have made it into the new millennium, and the new ones thriving to be the next death metal star.

3. Talk about the best death metal songs and their significance in shaping the genre as we know it today.

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4. Discuss where you can buy a record of this genre to add to your collection. With the advent of digital music, death metal also progresses toward that way and today, death metal records sit next to other genres as their equal.

What To Know From Being The Fans of Death Metal Music
Death Metal Music Music Genres

What To Know From Being The Fans of Death Metal Music

For some reasons and some people, the heavy music must be very much enjoyable. This is true for those who love this music genre. Even though for ordinary people, this music will tend to be harder to listen. It is because the way of the band playing the music in their flows. For several listeners, there is nothing can enjoyed from this music. It is not more than just someone screaming along with the drums and guitars. But, if you and are a really fan of death metal music, this genre must be more precious than others.

When we see deeper on this music, you even can find some great lyrics that send the deep messages inside. So, every opinion about this music genre will be different from each music listener. In this case, why don’t we see the things related to the death metal music as a fan? There is nothing wrong of being a fan of something. But, it is not rare for someone being in pro and contra when he or she is a fan of death metal music. Now, let’s see some explanation below.

If we see from the history, this death metal music had already ever been in the peak of popularity in 1980’s. The bands that became the pioneers in that time were those coming from trash metal such as Slayer and Kreator. And for your information, the fans of this genre still exist in this era even though it is not known much by the people today. Discussing about the music and the songs, you will see where the most lyrics will go. Many of them are telling you about Satan and Gore. Other bands such as Morbid Angels and Obituary were involved to make this music to be well known. The Satanism theme became the main thing to know from this death metal music. But, since the time goes through some era, many bands have already made more interesting theme to be the lyrics of their songs.

The characteristics of the music will be in harsh intonation and voice. The loud drums and other musical instruments will always be the right melody for this genre. And after you see several information about the music above, you might see the controversy here as a fan of this genre. The pro one will be your right as the music listeners. There is no limitation or prohibition for someone enjoying any music they like. Even all music is the part of art. When you are able to enjoy it, means you do great on your taste.

So, actually there is nothing wrong if you or just like the death metal music. Moreover, if this music can release your stress, why don’t you just go with it? As a fan, you will think like this for sure. But, the contra might from the theme of the songs itself. In this case, the controversy still exists among the fans even sometimes the concert takes victim. But, this is also a part of enjoying your favorite music.

The Easiest Way to Spot Death Metal Music
Death Metal

The Easiest Way to Spot Death Metal Music

What comes to your mind when someone talks about death metal, the music genre? Is it all those bands whose names are even more terrifying than the music itself? Is it the appearance of those bands’ personnel? Or is it that uneasy feeling left in your heart after listening to what those bands are singing about?

Well, think what you like but death metal is here for anyone including who enjoys that kind of music. While the genre is known for the type of singing closely associated with it since the beginning called the death growls, death metal is easily recognizable through other than that.

The melody is distinct. Riffs and chord progressions are different even from regular rock music—the genre’s parent style. Stage performance is oftentimes accompanied with all things terrifying to cement the image you regularly see upon watching a death metal band doing its routine.

But death metal music is made distinct also by its lyrical content. This is easy to miss with all the growling and screaming obscuring the words the vocalist mutters. But if you look closely and dissect the songs up close, you will see why death metal is different in the first place.

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While love or loss of love is the most common theme observed in other genres, death metal deals with things that are remained untouched: violence and every little thing attached to it. The explicit content is at times made so blatant that it may leave a bad taste in your mouth if you are not someone into the genre. This is perhaps also the reason why death metal music sees a steep decline in popularity as opposed to what it enjoys early on its inception. While the genre stays mainstream most of the time, its overall presence is clearly being overridden by the constant flow of pop music.

The Great Death Metal Music Facts
Death Metal Music Genres

The Great Death Metal Music Facts

The death metal music has been one of the most famous music genres in the world since it was introduced to the  people globally in the mid of 1980s. There are so many people including who instantly fall in love with this particular extreme genre of music. Well, actually, admiring the death metal music is something so good for you because there are remarkable and great Death Metal Music facts to excite you well. So, do you really want to figure them out? If you do, you better keep reading below.

There are so many great Death Metal Music facts that you have to know for sure. Then, let’s check them out!

• It help you to make the better workouts

It will always be a very nice idea for you to play a death metal song before you start to do your workout routine. The fast tempo of the song will definitely influence you psychologically, so that you will feel like you get the more energy to do your activity. There are actually no scientific explanations that you can find about where the extra energy comes from. So then, it would be like it is happening naturally to your body.

Aside of that, the death metal music can also stimulate you to do your workout go on and on. In the simple words, this kind of music will send you a particular signal that makes you want to do your activity optimally; even it can also push you to the limit. This amazing condition will definitely make you have the more intense exercises which bring you the so much more excellent results that you have never expected before. In addition, in order to make it fun still for you, do not ever forget to play your favorite playlist set you on fire in the best way possible.

fast tempo

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• It is cool music to release the negative energy

Furthermore, the other great fact about the death metal music is that it can be a perfect medium to help you release all of the negative energy that you have inside. In this case, all you have to do is just listen to the music and try to enjoy it. Once you have enjoyed the music very well. You will automatically move your body, which can be like head banging or jumping. Then, these kinds of movements can be a good way for you to let the bad energy comes out of your body. That is the main reason why you will never find any negative feelings, which can be like anger, sadness, depression, and so many more still, when you focus yourself to listen to the music.

So, those are some of the great Death Metal Music facts that you better keep in your mind. All of them will be able to manipulate you in the good way. Thus, it will never be a bad thing for you to listen and even adore the death metal music. Just enjoy the music and have fun then.

The Unreasonable Myths of Death Metal Music
Death Metal Music

The Unreasonable Myths of Death Metal Music

The Death Metal Music is a kind of popular music that has so many fans that come from all around the world. This amazing music has been known so well because of its heavy distortion and the fast tempo which can motivate everyone who listens to it. Even better, some people say that this music can really make you on fire and keep the sadness and problems away once you have enjoyed the music for sure.

Unfortunately, there are some myths which are actually so unreasonable about this cool music that fly among the people all this time. Even, it can be worse as those myths have been lasting for quite long times. Then, do you feel curious about the silly Death Metal Music myths known by most of the people out there? If you do, it will be nicer for you to figure out below.

The Death Metal Music is only for the bad ones

One of the unreasonable Death Metal Music myths is that this particular music genre is created for those who are the bad ones. The fact is that this kind of opinion is such of a very big mistake that you should never believe at all. In the simple words, it does not mean that all of the death metal music listeners are bad just because some of the death metal musician plays the music instrument insanely, has the long hair, and tattooed body.

Myths of Death Metal Music

There is one thing for sure that you better know that the fans of the death metal music are smart enough, so that they will solely follow their idols without thinking. So, no matter what they can have the limit still. Furthermore, if you see people who are listening to the death metal music will bang their heads and jump so hard, the only reason why they do that is because they enjoy the music so much and they just want to release their negative energy. So, you have to make sure to think twice before you state that the death metal is the music of the bad people.

The Death Metal Music fans are satanic

The next, the other Death Metal Music myths is that there are so many people think that agen bola terpercaya the fans of the Death Metal Music are the parts of the satanic or anti religion community. Perhaps there are some of the death metal bands that become the parts of the satanic community or any other similar things. Yet, it does not prove that all the death metal bands will do the same thing for sure. So, it is so obvious that what music or band that you listen to will never turn you something that you are not.

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Do you know why? It is clear that it is just an unreasonable myth. In addition, it will never be a wise thing to do to judge people easily only based on the specific music that they adore. Thus, do not ever let yourself become like a brainless ones because you trust this silly mythos.

Delving a Little Bit into the World of Death Metal Bands
Death Metal Music Music Genres

Delving a Little Bit into the World of Death Metal Bands

Death metal, according to Wikipedia, got its roots on three major influences: thrash metal, first wave black metal, and hardcore punk. During the middle part of the 1980s, death metal bands bloomed around Florida, United States. In broader sense, death metal is categorized as extreme metal, a subgenre of heavy metal music that also includes black metal, doom metal, and thrash metal. Grindcore and groove metal are derivatives of death metal while sub-subgenres placed directly under this subgenre include melodic death metal, slam death metal, symphonic death metal, and technical death metal.

Death metal can be combined with other genres/subgenres, forming blackened death metal, death doom, deathcore, deathgrind, death ‘n’ roll, goregrind, and pornogrind…

Slayer and Napalm Death are two death metal bands that are thought to be the progenitor of the subgenre. Following their bodies of work were a string of other bands that emerged with their own style, working together to better structure a foundation for what today comes to be known as death metal. Speaking of its characteristics, death metal is easily recognized through its musical instrumentation, vocals, and lyrics.

According to, most death metal bands have standardized setup: a vocalist, a bass player, two guitarists, and a drummer. The drummer in question oftentimes employs a technique known as double-bass blast beats. In addition to this standard setup, a band may add another element every now and again in the form of electronic keyboards. Vast use of techniques such as tremolo-picking and palm-muting on low-tuned guitars that are heavily distorted and fast is the most common identifier of the subgenre. Percussion is oftentimes played powerfully and aggressively. The genre’s other identifiers include: (a) abrupt tempo, time signature changes, and key, (b) chromatic chord progressions, (c) varied structure of song, and (d) melodic harmonies and riffs. But the easiest way to recognize death metal is through its hoarse roars known as death growls.

A death metal vocalist may create these growls through one of these three methods: true death growls, false chord screaming, and vocal fry screaming. In some bands, the screaming might be high-pitched occasionally. The lyrical content related to the subgenre typically revolves around violence, extending to philosophy, sci-fi, politics, mysticism, nature, horror, occultism, religion, and even Satanism. Violence as the center of lyrical content could be found on other genres but in order to associate a song with death metal, its violence-laden lyrical content elaborate more on extreme acts that may include necrophilia, cannibalism, rape, torture, dissection, and mutilation.